Minerals and Health

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The Importance of Minerals to Healthy Cellular and Organ Function

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Dr. Bernard Jensen and his generation of natural healing practitioners could not overemphasize the importance of minerals in the maintenance and health of the human body. Based on his practice of Iridology (Iris Analysis) (more to come on this incredible science of analysis under Articles on this website) one can determine the inherent weaknesses of any individual. Weak organs, weak systems, areas of the body where the tissue and function need strengthening. The theory of enhancement that Dr. Jensen proposes in all of his teachings is using the application of targeted plant nutrition to build up these weak organs and tissues. Each organ and functional tissue concentrates certain minerals and vitamins to facilitate structure and function, and those minerals must be maintained in adequate amounts in order for that tissue to be healthy. Below are the minerals and which tissues concentrate them. You will find a list of foods that are high in important minerals and vitamins and which foods (and their juices) you can emphasize in your diet and supplement program to optimize health. You will note that some foods contain a wide variety of minerals while others have a narrower nutritional range. It is recommended that you build your diet around higher concentrations of minerals that are critical for your individual health.‚Äč


Found and needed most in the digestive system. Gland, ligament and blood builder. Cellular structure.


Found and needed most in the digestive system. Builds tissue and Secretions. Cellular structure.


Found and needed mostly in the structural system. Tooth and Bone.Cellular structure.


Found and needed most in the nervous system. Brain and bone builder.


Found and needed most in the structural system. Nails, skin, teeth and hair.


Found and needed mostly in the digestive system. Natural laxative. Nerves. Bones, muscles blood.


Found and needed mostly in the nervous system. Tissue strengthener, memory.


Found and needed mostly in the digestive system. Secretions.


Found and needed mostly in the nervous system. Brain and tissue.


Found and needed mostly in the structural system. Tooth enamel. Bones.


Found and needed mostly in the structural system and blood. Red Corpuscles.


Found and needed mostly in the nervous system. Glands and Brain. Thyroid gland.


Cabbage, kelp, dulse, sunflower seeds, millet, beans, mushrooms, broccoli, winter squash, celery, cauliflower, watercress, potato (especially skins), dill, olives, bananas, goat milk, parsley, nuts, seeds, blueberries, peaches, prunes, coconut, figs, green beans, asparagus, raisins, dates, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, chlorophyll , avocado, yams, soy, garlic, spinach.


Celery, carrots, goat milk, alfalfa, Cauliflower, sweet potato, brown rice, lettuce, peanuts, avocado, eggplant, okra, beets, cucumber, string beans, cheese, wheat, asparagus, turnips (and greens), strawberries, oatmeal, Lima beans, coconut, figs, spinach, Swiss chard, tomatoes, radishes, pumpkin, leeks, lettuce, eggs, peas, kelp, dill, whey, lentils, watercress, alfalfa, collard greens, cherries, endive, sesame seeds, parsley, artichoke, sunflower seeds, raisins, garlic, white beans, broccoli, mushrooms, onions.


Goat milk and products, figs, dates, cabbage, vegetable tops/greens, nettles, watercress, dill, buckwheat, wheat, blackstrap molasses, sesame seeds, kelp, dulse, carrots, kale, all nuts, banana, sweet potato, blackberry, cauliflower, green pepper, winter squash, cantaloupe, eggs, apricots, raisins, prunes, cranberries, gooseberries, broccoli, spinach, parsnips, lettuce, onions, lentils, dandelion greens, Swiss chard, chives, poppy seeds, lemon, leaf lettuce, peas, chia seeds, green beans avocado, turnip greens, rice, millet, rye, barley, oats, yellow cornmeal, collard greens, beans, parsley, olives, beets, soy milk, cheese, celery, okra, Brussel sprouts, radishes, leeks, asparagus, strawberries, kohlrabi, oranges, corn, cucumbers, sorrel, coconut, seeds, all nuts, chlorophyll, brewers yeast, sunflower seeds, all beans, garlic, potato with skin, SUNSHINE ( to maximize calcium metabolism via the skin).


Kelp, chlorophyll, prunes, apricots, Lima beans, watermelon, brewers yeast, molasses, wheat, sunflower seeds, millet, all nuts, all berries, dates, peaches, beets, spinach, lettuce, tops of veggies, asparagus, leeks, tomatoes, brown rice and rice bran, radishes, Swiss chard, onions, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, sorrel, artichoke, raisins, chives, mushrooms, yellow dock root, watercress, nettles (and tea), all green leafy vegetables, black cherries, potato peeling broth, parsley, parsnips, lambs lettuce, onions, rice, rye, Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion greens, all beans, sesame seeds, eggs, lentils, soy, green beans, olives.


Dandelions, spinach, kelp, wheat, alfalfa, molasses, brewers yeast, buckwheat, all nuts, grapefruit, oranges, figs, barley, corn, wheat, beets, coconut, goats milk, eggs, seeds, raisins, prunes, oatmeal, raspberries, cherries, yellow corn meal, all whole grains, peas, soy, all beans, sunflower seeds, nettle (and tea), dulse, soy, chard, apricots, dates, collard greens, avocado, parsley,.


Goat milk, fish, cheese, coconut, kelp, beets, radishes, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, endive, spinach, alfalfa, figs, watercress, cucumbers, carrots, leeks, Roquefort cheese, blue cheese, Swiss cheese.


Brewers yeast, pumpkin and squash seeds, sunflower seeds, all nuts, sesame seeds, seafoods, milk products, eggs, parsnips, wheat, cabbage, barley, yellow corn, all seeds, peas, all beans, lentils, vegetables tops, oatmeal, prunes, kelp, soy, rye, millet, dulse, brown rice, eggs, garlic, mushrooms, raisins, artichoke, brussels sprouts. (Note: the calcium/phosphorus ratio in the diet should be approximately 2/1).


Especially present in skins and husks. Cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, all whole grains, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, figs, strawberries, goat milk, green peppers, shave grass (and tea), sage, thyme, hops, prunes, eggs, pecans, all beans, asparagus, lettuce, seeds, peelings of all vegetables, watermelon rind, coconut, sprouts, alfalfa, soy, flaxseed, oatstraw tea , rice polishing, rice bran syrup.


All nuts, barley, rye, buckwheat, spinach, peanuts, raisins, nasturtium leaves, eggs, mint, watercress, parsley, winter greens, endive, pignolia nuts, all beans, peas,lettuce, potatoes, kelp, dulse, oatmeal, whole grains, turnip greens, beets, brussels sprouts, cornmeal, millet, carrots, broccoli, rice.


Cabbage, cauliflower, onions, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, corn, cucumbers, horseradish, chestnuts, mustard greens, protein foods, shrimp, radish, spinach, leeks, garlic, apples, turnips, plums, prunes, apricots, peaches, eggs, melons, watercress.


(destroyed by heat so only present in raw foods) Cauliflower, cabbage, cheese, raw goat milk, eggs, brussels sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, watercress.


Dulse, kelp, pineapple, all seafood, carrots, pears, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, rice, Irish moss, garlic, watercress, asparagus, cabbage, leeks, nettle tea, eggs, peanuts, wheat, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, raisins, garlic.


Millet, wheat, eggs, chicken, ginger root, molasses, turnips, green peas, papaya, apple, yellow dock root, watercress, all nuts, mushrooms, avocado, soy, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and oil, rye, barley, olive oil, carrots, coconut, garlic, cucumbers, parsley. Note: sufficient copper is necessary for the proper use of iron in the body.


Whole grains, brewers yeast, red Swiss chard, sea food, turnips, molasses, garlic, oranges, eggs, mushrooms, chicken, radishes, grapes, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, green beans, kidney beans, onions, carrots, cabbage.


Brewers yeast, wheat, greens beans, cabbage, mushrooms, strawberries, rye, chili, potatoes, bell peppers, eggs, chicken, apples, parsnips, corn meal, bananas, spinach, carrots, navy beans, lettuce, oranges, blueberries.


Ginger root, eggs, all nuts, wheat, peas, rye, oats, Lima beans, soy, chicken, buckwheat, all seafood, turnips, parsley, potatoes, garlic, carrots, black beans, corn, grapes, olive oil, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lentils, lettuce, cucumbers, yams, tangerine, string beans.

Vitamin A

Red chili peppers, dandelion greens, carrots, apricots, collard greens, kale, sweet potatoes, parsley, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, Swiss chard, chives, butternut squash, watercress, mangoes, sweet red peppers, Hubbard squash, cantaloupe, butter, endive, broccoli, green onions, romaine lettuce, papaya, nectarines, prunes, pumpkin, peaches, acorn squash, eggs, chicken, cherries, butter lettuce, asparagus, ripe tomatoes, green chili peppers, green peas, green beans, elderberries, watermelon, rutabagas, brussels sprouts, okra, yellow corn meal, yellow squash.

Vitamin E

Wheat germ, sunflower seeds, safflower oil, almonds, sesame oil, peanuts and peanut oil, soybean oil, spinach, oatmeal, asparagus, salmon, brown rice, rye, pecans, carrots, peas, walnuts, bananas, eggs, bananas, eggs, tomatoes.

Vitamin D

Fish, sunflower seeds, eggs, mushrooms, natural cheeses.

Vitamin K

Turnip greens, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, watercress, asparagus, cheese, oats, green peas, whole wheat, green beans, eggs, peaches, raisins, tomatoes, potatoes.

Vitamin B Complex

Yeast (brewers and torula), whole grains, sunflower seeds, all nuts, legumes, fish, mushrooms, eggs, soy, molasses, buckwheat, sesame seeds, red chili peppers, cheeses, fresh chestnuts, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, potatoes, cabbage, avocado, asparagus, spinach, figs, green beans, fresh coconut, oranges, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, raisins, cantaloupe, peaches, onion, watermelon,strawberries, tomatoes.

Vitamin C

Acerola, red chili peppers, guavas, red sweet peppers, kale, parsley, collard greens, turnip greens, green peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, watercress, cauliflower, persimmons, red cabbage, strawberries, papaya, spinach, oranges, cabbage, lemons, grapefruit, elderberries, turnips, mangos, asparagus, cantaloupe, Swiss chard, green onions, okra, tangerines, lima beans, black-eyed peas, soy, green peas, radishes, raspberries, Chinese cabbage, yellow summer squash, loganberries, honeydew melon, tomatoes. Note: vitamin C is very easily destroyed by heat and air -- foods should be eaten as fresh and as raw as possible.


Grapes, rose hips, prunes, oranges, lemons, cherries, black currant, plums, parsley, grapefruit, cabbage, apricots, peppers, papaya, cantaloupe, tomatoes, broccoli, blackberries.



Alfalfa, arrowroot, chamomile, chives, yellow dock, cleavers, coltsfoot, dandelion root, flaxseed, horsetail, meadow sweet, nettle, okra pods, plantain, Shepard,s purse, kelp, agar, Irish moss, dulse, parsley, watercress, fennel, red raspberry leaves.


Kelp, parsley, watercress, dandelion, alfalfa


Kelp, dulse, Iceland moss, Irish moss, sarsaparilla, agar


Kelp, parsley, dandelion, wild lettuce, fennel, alfalfa, watercress, yellow dock, burdock root, fo-ti-teng, garlic, meadow sweet, Irish moss, nettles, strawberry leaves, mullein leaves.


Horsetail grass, oatstraw, dandelion, carob, alfalfa, kelp.


Kelp, Irish moss, dulse, dandelion, watercress, garlic, cleavers, meadow sweet, fennel seeds, parsley, shepherd's purse, alfalfa.


Broom tops, garlic, eyebright, coltsfoot, fennel seeds, meadow sweet, mullein, okra, plantain, calamus, Irish moss, stinging nettle, watercress, nasturtium, sage, shave grass, Shepard's purse, silver weed, sweet flag, thyme, kelp, alfalfa.


Kelp, mullein leaves, carrot leaves, dandelion, alfalfa, fo-ti-teng, dulse, meadow sweet, okra, parsley, peppermint, walnut leaves, toad flax, broom tops, wintergreen, garlic.


Chamomile, coltsfoot, comfrey, yarrow, mullein, alfalfa, broom tops, calamus, chickweed, meadow sweet, marigold, licorice root, shepherds purse, caraway seeds, okra pods, kelp, Irish moss, dandelion, rose hips, fennel, parsley, garlic, damiana, red raspberry leaves.


Kelp, Irish moss, birch bark, calamus, parsley, dandelion, borage, fennel, coltsfoot, comfrey, eyebright, mullein, nettle leaves, peppermint, plantain, summer savory, yarrow, carrot leaves, oak bark, garlic, chamomile.


Alfalfa, blueberry leaves, burdock seed, kelp, fenugreek, parsley, watercress, capsicum, dandelion, okra, garlic, dulse, red raspberry leaves, valerian, catnip, saffron.


Alfalfa, kelp, dulse, comfrey, catnip.

Vitamin E

Dandelion, alfalfa, watercress, red raspberry, kelp.

Vitamin K

Alfalfa, shepherd's purse.

Vitamin A

Fenugreek, comfrey, fennel, capsicum, alfalfa, annota seed, dandelion, okra pods, parsley.

Vitamin C

Comfrey, fennel, rose hips, wild strawberry leaves, capsicum, coltsfoot, elderberries, marigold, oregano, parsley, watercress, blue violet flowers, catnip, nettles, spearmint, papaya, alfalfa, garlic leaves, wormwood, spruce, horseradish, knotgrass, nasturtium, red raspberry, acerola berries, lobelia. Note: vitamin C is water soluble and sensitive to air, light, and heat.

Source: "The Mineral and Vitamin Content of Herbs" by Myron Keene (1977), House of Quality Herbs , P.O. Box 14, Woodland Hills, Ca. 91365.