Theory of Compounding Stress

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The Theory of Compounding Stresses

The Theory of Compounding Stresses is a useful view of overall health management that I have come to understand over years of study and clinical practice. A working grasp of this approach allows each of us as individuals to manage external negative health stresses impacting your VITAL FORCE at any given time in your life. There are so many ways for each of us to support health and minimize disease, choices that we make on a daily basis in terms of how we choose to live, the environment we surround ourselves with, what we eat and don't eat, how we manage our time, and much more. It's very helpful to gain a working knowledge of all of these factors in ordered to self-manage as optimally as possible.

Each and every person comes into the world with a set of genetic predispositions, strengths and weaknesses, that we inherit from our family ancestors. This is the raw material that we have to work with and every aspect of our health is built on this foundation from conception. The womb environment is the first set of impacts in terms of maternal health and nutrition as well as the mother's physical and emotional environment and lifestyle. Immediately upon birth we begin to be impacted emotionally by our family and parents as well as physically by how and what we are fed, the lighting in the environment, environmental pollution of all kinds, infectious agents we may contact, etc.

For each of us our VITAL FORCE, life energy, immune system -- whatever you choose to call the animating life force of the human organism -- must maintain homeostasis or balance within a very complex and increasingly challenging array of forces we deal with daily. At times this balancing act can be overwhelming and the VITAL FORCE looses it's ability to maintain homeostasis. We know that we have lost our homeostatic balance when we develop symptoms. Symptoms are our own personal guide posts that we are no longer able to maintain homeostasis based on either the quantity or the severity of the negative stresses impacting us. These symptoms can be physical (headaches, diarrhea, skin rashes, fatigue), emotional (depression, irritability) or mental (inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression). Usually the symptoms that we experience are based on our genetic predisposition as our weakest link is often the part of us that will lose equilibrium first.

Below is a list of most of the stress factors that each of us are negotiating at any given time. I will be discussing each of them in depth but the important point here is that by understanding and minimizing the negative stressors that we have control over we can help our VITAL FORCE to maintain homeostasis in a complex environment in which a number of factors are not in our control. In this way we both maximize our level of health and help to prevent our VITAL FORCE from becoming overwhelmed and consequently loosing homeostatic balance.

Nutrition & Diet (huge subject here!)

Individual Hypersensitivities (Allergies or intolerances)
to foods, chemicals, inhalants.

Malillumination (artificial lighting)

Water and Air Pollution


Synthetic Clothing

Lack of Emotional Nurturance

Infection (viral, bacterial)

Emotional factors

Inner tension level
(repressed emotions and pressures)

Sleep issues

Lack of Exercise

Weather Changes

Positive Ion Excess / Free Radical

Toxic Heavy Metals

Hormonal Cycles

Intellectual & Sensory Overstimulation

Noise Pollution

Negative Mental Attitudes & Thoughts
/ Acceptance vs. Resistance Levels /Optimism vs Pessimism

Alcohol and Drug Excess
(both medical and recreational)

Lack of Physical Nurturance
(sunlight, fresh air)
and Emotional Nurturance
(love, support, contact)

Tobacco exposure